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Event Publicity

With Springitc SmS, your event publicity, employee/group member communications, emergency notifications, reminders are delivered with just one click. It's a world of endless possibilities as we offer you our gateway to the world.

Product Marketing

Reach millions of target customers with your sales promotions and new product and service launches to increase your visibility and save on costs. Springitc SmS woks perfectly with excellent customer service.

Election Campaign

Make your campaign personal! Engage the electorate individually with your call to action. What more? You can leverage on our verified GSM number database to target geographic and demographic clusters of people. Swing popular support in your direction with Springitc SmS.

Church Reachout

Mobilize thousands of church members and new converts for services, special programs, meetings, outreaches and crusades. Springitc SmS is perfect for alert and reminder messages. Take advantage of its cost effectiveness and ease of use.

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